Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mind the gap!

I love languages. I studied three at school - French, German and Latin - and completed a short course of evening classes in Spanish a few years back.  Languages appeal to me because I regard lessons as more than just learning to express myself  but also as a way of understanding other nationalities - particularly the Germans.  And, of course, if you understand how people click, you can make a connection with them - and, if you are in business, the marketing and selling process to a foreign audience becomes so much easier.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So, I've created a blog.  Why?  Are the things I'm going to say so earth shattering that everyone will want to read it?  Definitely not - but I hope that my experience and thoughts will be of interest to some.  I'll be blogging about
  • my experience with doing business with the Germans,
  • the peculiarities of British business (and why the Germans get annoyed with us),
  • my take on events, trends and discussions I see online and elsewhere,
and, because life isn't just about work, I'll go off-message and blog about anything else that interests me.