Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So, I've created a blog.  Why?  Are the things I'm going to say so earth shattering that everyone will want to read it?  Definitely not - but I hope that my experience and thoughts will be of interest to some.  I'll be blogging about
  • my experience with doing business with the Germans,
  • the peculiarities of British business (and why the Germans get annoyed with us),
  • my take on events, trends and discussions I see online and elsewhere,
and, because life isn't just about work, I'll go off-message and blog about anything else that interests me.

You'll see from this blog, my LinkedIn profile and my twitter feed, I style myself "The Germany Guy".  The idea came to me after I attended an interim management workshop.  There were ten of us there and, after short introductions from the participants, most people then associated me with the Germans and Germany - even though I am British!

To be honest, it sums me up quite well - I learned German at school and have studied and lived there.  I worked for the German-British Chamber for 18 years and helped many hundreds of German and British companies expand their business abroad.  In my conversations with these companies, I noticed that, whatever industry they were operating in, their concerns and problems seemed to be the same.  With this blog, I want to highlight and explain why these cross-cultural misunderstandings and clashes happen, how to successfully market a product or service abroad and, because I'm a bi-lingual interim manager looking for assignments, how I can help.  I'd also let to get some ideas, input and conversation with my followers.

So that's the plan!  Let me know what you think..

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