Monday, 16 September 2013

Why "The Germany Guy"?

So, as you may have noticed, I style myself "The Germany Guy".  Why you may ask?  Well, my background is marketing and a snappy, easy-to-remember phrase is a good marketing ploy - it gets people interested and, hopefully, they'll remember me when they need someone to help with their business in Germany.

So what's my connection with Germany?  Firstly, a couple of confessions - I'm not German and I don't have a family connection with Germany (my sister-in-law is French, but that's another story). But, thanks to my background and career, people associate me with Germany - so I quickly became "The Germany Guy".

The idea came to me when I decided to be an interim manager, offering my services to UK and German companies.  I went to a workshop on interim management and, at the beginning, the participants were asked to introduce themselves.  After explaining my background - I studied German at school, lived in Germany - studying and working and worked for the German-British Chamber for 18 years - the German connection, not surprisingly, quickly stuck in everyone's minds.

So why am I "The Germany Guy"?  As a Brit with fluent German, I am uniquely placed to give advice and support to German companies setting up in the UK or British companies exporting to Germany.  During my time at the Chamber, I advised and supported hundreds of companies with their business abroad.  And I hope to continue that success in the future - so if you have any questions or need support with your business in the UK or Germany, talk to "The Germany Guy".

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