Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Here's how British companies can secure future access to the single market

British companies can act now to secure access to the single market in both the medium and long-term. By setting up a subsidiary in Germany, you will be able to access the single market from within the EU, benefitting from the free trade area and free movement of goods.

Why Germany?

Germany has always been a popular target for investment from the UK. Over 800 British companies representing a wide range of industries are already present across the country. They enjoy a stable economic, legal and administrative framework in which to do business. Furthermore, Germany is an excellent distribution hub to serve other markets within the EU.

Why act now?

The future trading relationship between the UK and EU is not yet certain. By setting up in Germany now, companies can still take advantage of current favourable commercial and legal frameworks. British companies who plan ahead can minimise their exposure to any possible future volatility and uncertainty by ensuring some operations are conducted from within the EU.

How I can help

Large organisations are already considering splitting their operations into UK and EU entities. SMEs who have up to now sold to EU customers from the UK could also benefit from such an arrangement.
Whether you are looking at setting up a sales / service office or a warehousing and distribution centre, I can provide;
  • initial feasibility studies to help you make the right choice
  • market knowledge on the best places to locate and the incentives available
  • a strong network of legal, financial and accountancy specialists
  • on-the-ground support both in the UK and Germany
Find out more about my services here. Alternatively, for a no-obligation discussion about your future plans, please contact me on 020 3239 5168 or email me now.